The CEIBS Alumni Ghana Chapter has provided a suite of alumni services through its Alumni Website to benefit the Ghana Alumni Community. Services exclusive to the Alumni Community are protected with usernames and passwords. The alumni website service is owned by the CEIBS Alumni Ghana Chapter and operated by the President and Executives of the Chapter on behalf of the Alumni Community (CEIBS Alumni Ghana Chapter).

By accessing or using the Alumni Website (the “Service”) or logging into the site with your User ID, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.
Please review these Terms of Use carefully before using the Service. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, please do not use the Service.
Services provided to members of the CEIBS Alumni Ghana Chapter include:
• An online CEIBS Alumni Ghana Directory
• Alumni Dues Payment Service
• Alumni User-to-User Messaging Service
• CEIBS Alumni Merchandise Purchases
• CEIBS Alumni Fund Payment Services

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of each component of the services provided on the website. All alumni information is strictly reserved for use by individual alumni and in some cases for University-related purposes only, with some information on the website strictly reserved for alumni of CEIBS, Ghana Chapter.
Membership of the CEIBS Alumni is defined as:
An alumnus is defined as a person who has received a degree from CEIBS, degrees being “WELA”, “AMP”, “ODP”, “EMBA” and ‘GEMBA”.

Proper Use Guidelines and Liabilities
Basic guidelines governing the use and conduct of online platforms have been implemented, with all members of the CEIBS Alumni Ghana Chapter accessing the platform required to abide by the following:
• Download or copying of information or material displayed on the CEIBS Alumni Ghana Chapter Website is permissible for home, personal and or non-commercial use on condition that all copyright information is maintained. Further posting of such copyrighted information is not allowed unless express consent is given by the Alumni Executives.
• All information posted on the Alumni website is strictly for personal use and also for the promotion of the CEIBS brand. The use of information posted on the chapter website for public or political purposes is strictly prohibited.
• Posting of obsene and or vulgar material and the use of abusive, defamatory and divisive language is forbidden on the Chapter website and other platforms. These acts are considered a violation of the guidelines and policies of the Alumni Association and will be removed by the administrators of the Chapter website.
• Users shall not upload or transmit information or documents containing viruses, spam, and other material considered as injurious to users. Persons found doing this may be blocked from accessing the members only portion of the alumni website.
• Login credentials may not be shared or transferred. Only the registered member is aloowed to use CEIBS Alumni Ghana Chapter credentials.
• The Chapter will not be held liablie for any information posted on the website by any member. The reliablility and validity of information posted on the website is only as accurate as what members post.
• The Chapter does not warrant that the chapter will be 100% error-free and possibly have servers that are devoid of viruses. All attempts will be made to ensure the accurancy of information posted as well as the sterility of the servers and web-pages.

These guidelines are subject to modifications to reflect the changes in technology trends and school policy.