How do I become a CEIBS Ghana Alumni Association member?

Please fill out the Registration form and submit.  We shall send you a membership card within 2 weeks once the details and membership payment are received. Alternatively, you can visit the office in Accra and register in person.

What are the benefits of becoming an Alumni association member?

There are a handful of benefits as mentioned in About Us page. Please note hat CEIBS is your alma mater and each one of us have made several friends during our student years and the membership provides you an umbilical-cord back to the Institute and provides you with an ID card that allows physical access to any of the Campuses world-wide and a handful of facilities inside the Campuses. With your membership you can network further and be able to attend all Alumni Association events among other things. It is time to give back to your alma-mater in various ways.

Is membership to CEIBS Alumni Association different from the membership to various chapters (for instance, Ghana chapter)?

CEIBS Alumni Association in China is the parent body. All chapters including Ghana operate under the guide-lines issued by the parent body. All chapters are empowered to conduct local events and facilitate CEIBS Alumni interaction in any ways, as the local chapters may deem it appropriate.

I am a member of CEIBS Ghana Alumni Association and paid my membership fees some time ago. I am not receiving any information about the Alumni activities. What should I do?

This is possible and can happen when we do not have your current contact details. Please contact us, using the contact form and let us know your email ID. We shall update our database and you shall start receiving our communication once your new email ID is received.
The various alumni activities including the events are listed on this website for you to peruse.

I am a member of CEIBS Ghana Alumni Association and I am not receiving any emails on various events and announcements?

If you’re not receiving emails, then it is possible we do not have your Email ID or have your old/prior email ID. Please send your new email ID where you want to receive information through the Contact page. Please choose an appropriate subject to indicate the issue you’re having.In the current website, we do have an Events page/calendar that shows the future and the past events. Feel free to attend any event of your choice and please do remember to RSVP when you are attending an event prior to the event for us to get a correct headcount.

How do I look for my batch mates?

There is a member search / Connect with my friends option available on the website. Alumni members can be searched using their names, departments / Programs and the year of passing. Please note this database contains only the CEIBS Alumni Ghana Chapter members. If the friend(s) that you are searching for is not found in this member’s database, you should urge them to become a member! Currently only the name, department / Program, year of passing & email information is available through this search. But we are planning to expand on the kind of information available on each member in the future.

How do I get a E- Alumni Card?

We can organize to get your E – Alumni Card. Please send in a request from the contact page.Please do choose an appropriate subject line when sending us a note.Please note you must be a CEIBS Ghana Alumni Chapter member to enable us assist you with this service.

My question is not listed in the FAQ, what do I do?

Please fill out the contact form, choose an appropriate subject line and type in your query and send to us, we shall respond to that query within 2 working days. You can also call the CEIBS Alumni Ghana Chapter phone no.s provided  contact page with your query.