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The CEIBS Alumni Africa Chapter was established in Accra on December 9th 2011. As the chapter kept growing steadily, it was divided into a Ghana and a Nigeria Chapter on July 6th 2014. The Association acts as the link among alumni in CEIBS and Africa and as the community of alumni in Ghana, encourage alumni to make contribution to the alma mater’s development and help alumni become more successful by providing relevant assistance and service; promote the CEIBS brand and increase CEIBS visibility and competitiveness; and unite the alumni to promote mutual economic development of Ghana and China.


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Fundraising Project

We are raising funds for our annual Easter donation to share the joy of Easter with the less privileged in our society. Donations will be made in cash, clothing and food items to orphanage homes.

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Are you looking to reconnect with lost friends / relive your days at the CEIBS? You are welcome to our centre for activities, communication and information. Simply fill in the appropriate details and we shall promptly connect you.

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